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Getting certified to ISO standards can help in your company’s growth. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. Let us learn about some of the ISO standards and why it is important for your organization to get ISO certifications.


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 standard defines a framework that is called Quality Management System (QMS). This system works on various principles such as focusing on customer satisfaction and leadership, initiate improvement in the work process, and so on.

Implementation of the ISO 9001 standard brings efficiency and smoothness in the working of the organization. It makes it easy for organizations to consistently meet their customer requirements in the best way.

Organizations that can get successfully ISO 9001 certified gain a lot of new business opportunities. That’s because it assures its clients and other investors of the company’s credibility.

ISO 45001

Employees and workers are an essential part of an organization. Therefore, their safety and health matter a lot. ISO 45001 is a standard that displays the requirement for an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) management system. This system intends to protect from workplace-associated risks to the workers.

ISO 27001 standard aims at reducing injuries, illness, and other health risks while working at any organization. Implementing this standard increases productivity and saves the costs and money of the organization. You must be wondering how.

When the associated health risks reduce, there would be fewer health problems and injuries, which means fewer absent workers. This means efficiency and productivity in work. When fewer employees fall sick, there would be less need to hire and train new employees. This leads to cost and time-saving.

ISO 27001

The ISO 27001 is an international standard formed to protect and secure all kinds of information, be it confidential or not. It is a globally accepted standard. A large number of companies have got ISO 27001 certified in the past years. It helps the companies in managing the risks associated with the important information your company holds.

It is essential to protect the information of your company, clients, and stakeholders. Implementing the ISO 27001 standards makes the protection easy and effective and ensures smoothness and efficiency. Being ISO 27001 certified will bring a lot of benefits to your organization. Some of them are: –

  • Reassures the customers and stakeholders that your risk management system is efficient and reliable.
  • ISO 27001 allows you to exchange private information protectively and securely.
  • The ISO 27001 standards reduce the chances of risk exposure.

IQC the ISO Pros of Indiana

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